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What are the new trends in the small home appliance market in 2021?
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  • Date:2021-06-22

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, a variety of high-value, multi-functional small home appliances have continuously entered consumers' homes as products that improve the quality of life and sense of happiness. On the one hand, under the big wave of consumption upgrades, home appliance consumption has shifted from functional consumption that satisfies rigid needs to quality consumption that satisfies improved and hedonic needs, and the category of small home appliances can meet people's pursuit of quality life.

On the other hand, after the first batch of post-90s entered their 30s, Generation Z, represented by post-95s and post-00s, began to take the stage. The younger generation pursued fashion, focused on individuality and quality. Small home appliances not only satisfied their exquisiteness. The needs of life also cater to the current consumer trend. In addition, the vigorous development of the "single economy" and "lazy economy" surrounding young people's new economies has also promoted the rapid development of the small home appliance market.

Stimulated by consumer demand, small home appliance companies have accelerated the launch of new products, not only innovating and upgrading the original categories, but also constantly tapping new potential needs based on life scenarios. In AWE2021, which brings together two-year innovations in the home appliance and consumer electronics industries, a series of small home appliances with trendy designs and diversified functions have become a beautiful landscape, from which we can also see the direction and new development trend of the small home appliance industry in 2021.

Integration, contextualization, and youthfulness have become mainstream trends

The users of small household appliances are mainly renters and the younger generation living alone. Such consumers generally have a small living area. Multifunctional small household appliances can save more space and are more in line with the living environment of such people.

In view of this, more and more small home appliances are integrated in functions, such as the multi-function cooking machine launched by Mibo, a subsidiary of Fangtai, and the desktop steaming and frying machine and steaming, frying and stewing launched by the chef of the Boss Electric sub-brand. All-in-one machines, Mofei's multi-function cooking pots, etc., these products all take multi-function cooking as their selling point to meet the fast and diverse cooking needs of young consumers.

The chef of Boss Electric's sub-brand displayed the desktop steaming and frying integrated machine and the steaming, frying and boiling integrated machine at the exhibition

In addition to the integration of product functions, small home appliance companies are also digging into sub-scenarios and constantly exploring new categories. For example, in addition to the multi-function cooking pot, Mofei also exhibited small household appliances such as portable juicers and light food machines at the exhibition. Zhenxin brought two major brands, BRUNO Boluno and Soseki, to the exhibition. Among them, BRUNO Boluno’s multifunctional cooking pots, breakfast machines, fresh food boxes and other kitchen appliances are mainly distributed in the kitchen space. Soseki’s warmth Household products such as quilts, steam irons, and underwear folding washing machines are mainly concentrated in bedrooms, toilets and other spaces.

In addition, in order to better attract the attention of generation Z consumer groups, the appearance of small home appliances is also showing a younger trend. The most obvious feature is to use the power of IP to empower products. Whether it’s the Pokémon series of Midea’s small household appliances, the independent IP Meidi series, the mischief series, the Joyoung Line Friends co-branded models, and the Supor’s Pac-Man co-branded models, they all try to integrate the two-dimensional and cuteness into the products. And other elements to capture the hearts of young consumers.

Joyoung Line Friends Co-branded Small Home Appliances

The trend of health and intelligence is becoming more and more obvious

In the post-epidemic era, consumers' demands for health continue to increase, and the market share of healthy small home appliances continues to increase. The small home appliances with the main health concept that appeared at this AWE exhibition are aimed at food cleaning before and after cooking and disinfection of utensils. If vegetable washing machine, cutting board disinfection machine, etc., are aimed at further processing of food materials during the cooking process to reduce the impact on the human body. The intake of unfavorable substances, such as healthy low-sugar rice cookers, etc., is also aimed at cleaning and sterilizing the floor during household cleaning, such as steam mops.

Mofei cutting board disinfection machine

At the same time, as consumers' minds and needs change, small home appliances are also developing in the direction of intelligence, laziness, and automation. From Fangtai Mibo's multifunctional cooking machine, to Supor's "Little C chef cooking machine", from Cobos's automatic dust collection and sweeping robot, to Shark's steam scrubber, you can see that small household appliances companies We are realizing the automation of kitchen cooking and home cleaning through technological innovation, so as to achieve the goal of freeing users' hands and enhancing the happiness of life.

BRUNO smoked roasting machine

Midea has always been the vane of the industry in terms of intelligent innovation of small home appliances. In recent years, Midea has achieved a generational gap with competitors by empowering products with the latest IoT technology. On April 12, Midea released more than 60 smart small home appliances, placing an extra bet on the creative small home appliance track.

It is worth mentioning that at this conference, Midea's small home appliances broke the previous release of new products in a single category, and for the first time released a series of smart products based on crowd preferences and usage scenarios. In this regard, Shi Yong, general manager of domestic marketing of Midea's household appliances division, said that the direction of change for Midea's smart small household appliances retail terminal this year is intelligent, scene-oriented and younger, and will shift from cooking hardware to cooking solutions.

Facing the most individual and diversified generation Z "new new mankind", richer product functions, younger appearance design, and smarter product experience are becoming the thinking and direction of many small home appliance companies in the research and development of new products . It is foreseeable that with the continuous changes in consumer demand, there will be more new and exotic small home appliances in the future.